Effective from 1st January 2023
Items Charges Remarks
Commission (Phone Trading) 0.25% Minimum $80.00
Commission (Orders placed via Internet / iPhone / Android App) 0.15% Minimum $50.00
Stamp Duty (HK Government) 0.13% Round up to the nearest dollar
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% -
SEHK Trading Fee 0.00565% -
Financial Reporting Council Transaction Levy 0.00015% -
CCASS Settlement Fee 0.01% Minimum $3.00
Maximum $300.00
Custody Fee
(Based on total no. of lots in each month)
Less than 8,000 lots - free of charge -
8,000 lots or above - $0.02 per lot Minimum $160.00
Physical Stock Deposit $5.00 for each transfer deed -
Physical Stock Withdrawal $5.00 per lot Minimum $20.00
Share Transfer $5.00 per lot Minimum $50.00
Investor Settlement Instruction (ISI)
Receipt - free of charge
Delivery - free of charge
Settlement Instruction (SI)
Receipt - free of charge
Delivery - $5.00 per board lot and per stock; min $50.00, max $5,000.00
Round up to the nearest board lot.
HKSCC Segregated A/C Statement Service $20.00 per month -
Collection for Cash/Scrip Dividend 0.3% of dividend amount Minimum $20.00
Bonus Issue $2.00 per lot Minimum $20.00
Registration and Transfer Fee $2.00 per lot After a stock was bought and has been hold until first book close date :
If cash dividend or other entitlement will be received, the fee will be deducted from the dividend
If no cash dividend or other entitlement, the fee will be charged on book close date
Corporate Action Fee
1. Exercise warrant and Rights subscription, $1.00 per board lot
Minimum $50.00
2. Stock split/consolidation, $1.00 per board lot
Minimum $20.00
Maximum $100.00
3. Shareholder Voting, $50.00 per time
Privatization Takeover 0.25% of total consideration Minimum $50.00
Dividend Claim 0.3% of dividend amount Minimum $500.00, No matter the claim is successful or not, Service fee will be charged.
Cash Deposit If balance is equal or higher than $10,000, HSBC saving book rate Account's interest is calculated on a daily basis. Interest will be deducted to the last trading day for each month.
Overdue Balance (Cash client):
- Not more than 5 working days from settlement day (T+2) HSBC Best Lending Rate +3.5%
- Over 5 working days from settlement day (T+2) HSBC Best Lending Rate +6.5%
Loan Balance (Margin client) :
- Within margin value HSBC Best Lending Rate +3.5%
- Margin call HSBC Best Lending Rate +6.5%
IPO IPO Subscription $20.00 -
IPO Loan Application $100.00
IPO loan interest rate is not fixed
The availability of loan financing will be subject to each IPO stock. Maximum loan ratio is 90%.
Others Telegraphic Transfer $400.00 -
Returned Cheque $100.00 -
Stop Cheque Payment $300.00 -
2goTrade /
AAStocks 'QuoteWinner' /
ETNet IQ /
Megahub PowerTicker Web Version
$400.00 per month If client has reached below trade amount within a month, fee will be waived or half price for next month:
. Equal or over $800,000, free of charge
. Equal or over $400,000, half price

* All amount in Hong Kong dollars. Fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice.